How and Why Does Macbeth Turn from War Hero Into Evil Murderer?

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In particular reference to Act One, How and why does Macbeth turn from war hero into evil murderer?
‘Macbeth,’ a Shakespeare play, written in 1606, portrays a tragic hero. The definition of which is... ‘That a character shows the qualities of a hero, however has a fatal flaw, (a term used in many of Shakespeare’s plays), which leads to his/her downfall. Shakespeare wrote the play ‘Macbeth’ for King James I, who, at the time, was a great supporter of the theatre. Plus, he was also the person who financed some of Shakespeare’s plays, thus he was simply tipping his hat to his benefactor. Another reason maybe to do with the fact that ‘Macbeth’ has a many supernatural elements to it; in addition, the play was inspired by King James I who had
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Even after the protagonist hears of the witches predictions, is he still all of the above. Well, murder does cross his mind, even before speaking with his wife. So is the loyalty to the King still there. It does say that Macbeth was at first reluctant to kill the king. “We will proceed no further in this business.” So the loyalty, and kinsman ship to the King is still there. On the contrary, in the end, he does in fact murder so the loyalty then disappears. Plus, we as the audience feel that he does become selfless, as he murders people simply for his own well-being.
Macbeth believes the witches prophecies because during the period in which the play was written people believed heavily in witchcraft. Therefore, written at this time, and also set at that time too, wouldn’t it be completely normal for Macbeth to believe in the witches prophecies? Plus, another reason for Macbeth believing in the witches is that one of their predictions is that he’d become Thane of Cawdor. “All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor” when this prophecy comes true, Macbeth has no other choice but to believe that the other predictions would come true too.
The Idea of killing Duncan, Macbeth finds to be repugnant. This is for several reasons. As Duncan sleeps in Macbeth 's castle, shortly before his slaughter, Macbeth thinks of all the reasons Duncan should not be slain. There are matters of honour and responsibility. Macbeth says that Duncan is "here
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