How and Why the Treaty of Versailles Differed from Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

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How and Why the Treaty of Versailles Differed from Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

Wilson's fourteen points indicated that what he mainly wanted was peace, justice, harmony and freedom in the world and between all different countries, whereas the Treaty of Versailles showed a different view and dealt with Germany, mainly with how the land was going to used from then on within the world.

One of Wilson's points said that he wanted for the wishes and views of the local people who lived in future colonies to be taken into consideration, he wanted for all the land to be returned to their rightful countries for example, Alsace and Lorraine were to be returned to France, he wanted the Germans to leave
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The terms also stated that Germany had to give away land to five of her neighbouring countries, the country itself then was split into two sides. One side was to be governed by the German's and the other side which included the areas Danzig, the Saar and Memel, were to be governed by the League of Nations for a period of time, later the people who lived in those areas would be allowed to vote for whether they wanted to be part of Germany or not, however the vote was never carried out. Wilson did not approve of the way that Germany had been divided, as he believed himself that all German people who speak German, who live in a German culture, who are used to being ruled by the German government should stay together in one group, not be split up without being given any choice. Wilson wanted for the subject people to freely have a say in what they all personally thought about their country or colony. The coalmines in the Saar Valley, one of Germany's main sources of income, were given to the French.

Another of Wilson's points said that he wanted disarmament in every country; he wanted the level of armaments to be reduced. Yet in
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