How are the Majority of Celebrities Inappropriate Role Models for the Youth?

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The youth believes that if they imitate these cynosures they will become affluent and legendary. Famous people imply that if the youth act insubordinately they will be successful in life. Celebrities of today are not appropriate role models for this generation.
A celebrity is a famous or well-known person, someone who has fame or is renowned ( When people think of a celebrity they think of someone they would see on television, in magazines, or here about on the radio; those are the celebrities I am referring to here, but those aren’t the only celebrities out there. There are also other interpretations for the word celebrity. My favorite alternative to the typical thought of a celebrity is the term local celebrity. A local celebrity or hometown celebrity doesn’t have to be rich or world famous, they are known for doing something that has either impacted the local area or has made his/her hometown proud. My focus is on the quintessential definition of celebrity, the ones that are known for their influence on the current generation, my generation.
The current generation is easily influenced because it is completely focused on being accepted by society and trying to find ones individual identity. The youth of my generation believe that their identity is based on society’s acceptance; not on their own thoughts, desires, and opinions of themselves. Most celebrities ‘preach’ about individuality to…
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