How can Art be Defined

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The search for a definition of Art has been subject of a complex philosophical reflection incorporated; however, within different thematics because the very idea of Art is changeable as it relies on the culture and the tradition of a particular epoch.
Etymologically, the word Aesthetics derives from the Greek àisthesis, which means perception by the senses. It used to refer as the study of the world of perceptions as the doctrine aimed to discover the complexity of perceptive knowledge.
In ancient times, the concept of Art was closely related to the practice with the technique which Plato argued were, certainly, not positive.
According to the philosopher, Art and Tragedy are copies of copies, the copies of the sensible world. He argues
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Faced with the difficulties encountered by the circularity of the Institutional theory, some theoreticians have tried to develop some definitions based on the relational properties of art, changing the terms of the essential relationships between its properties.
On this terms, a very interesting approach has been suggested by Levinson (1979), who is committed to the development of a definition in which the Art is identified through the relationship with history.
Levinson (1979) argues that an object is a work of art if it has been created to be perceived and evaluated in the same way that previous and recognized works of art have been received and evaluated. In other words, what is art today resembles the continuing relationship which justifies the attribution of the “status of Artwork.”
His theory, known as the Historical-Intentional, is halfway between the Institutional and the other traditional Aesthetics definitions.
Levinson's proposal differs significantly from that of Dickie (1974), and the difference lies in the recovery of a real contact with our relationship with history and with the Artworks.
Even though I truly appreciate the effort of philosophers in trying to identify a generic definition, I assume that there is not a unique definition of Art, this word is far too complex and matter of subjectivity, and I believe that it is not necessary “to incorporate the universal in the particular.”
Art is generally the perception of beauty, but
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