How can leaders motivate staff in order to improve productivity and job satisfaction?

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How can leaders motivate staff in order to improve productivity and job satisfaction? The purpose of this essay is to highlight the use of management theories in relation to productivity and job satisfaction. This essay shall discuss how leaders can motivate employees in order to improve the overall productivity and job satisfaction. I will be looking at theories in relation to how they are categorised, also how different management theories can be implemented by a leader. The essay will analyse both the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are relative to applicable management theories and from the analysis there will be a justification of methods the writer believes to be the most suitable for the leadership and motivation of …show more content…

6 7 In addition to the Classical Perspective there’s also the Humanistic Perspective consisting of three subfields; Human Relations, Human Resources and Behaviour Sciences. Theorists such as Abraham Maslow and Elton Mayo integrated the Humanistic Approach into their management theories. There are specific factors that distinguish whether a theory uses the Humanistic Perspective; the humanistic approaches all emphasise the importance of understanding human behaviour, needs and attitude within the working environment. The Humanistic Perspective focuses on both extrinsic and intrinsic factors of an individual. The central idea is that the human needs are the conclusive factor to achieving efficiency within an organisation. 8 Elton Mayo’s association with the ‘Hawthorne Studies’ provided a stimulating effect to the understandings of the human factor at work. The focus within Elton Mayo’s studies was on the worker rather than the work; this was revolutionary as previous theorists had only concentrated on the labour. Elton Mayo initially carried out a study into physical working conditions and productivity but his results ended up being a series of studies into social factors. The results from Elton Mayo’s studies showed that the initial factors of analysis such as working conditions were not influencing the employee’s increase in productivity and motivation; it

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