How committed is Canada, with respect to environmental security in the international community?

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In Canada, concerns involving environmental security are not the top priority. But due to recent research, Canada must be more strongly committed to environmental security due to increasing environmental problems internationally. There are many ways Canada can stay committed to environmental security, for example, increased funding to Canada’s Department of National Defence’s Environment Department. Also to stay committed to increased access and support to Voluntary Environmental Programs across Canada. Finally to completely stay up to world standards in environmental security, Canada must implement an effective environmental planning system. Throughout the essay, the topic at hand will be if Canada is able to implement these actions to…show more content…
The main type of contamination is hydrocarbons. Over a long period of time, Canada has used a lot of fuel and has used many fuel storage facilities, as these storage facilities age, hydrocarbons form and are lethal to the environment. A notable hydrocarbon clean up was the Distant Early Warning (DEW) line, which contained 21 contaminated radar military sites. Currently, eight of them are clean and two are currently being cleaned. If these sites were ignored, the surrounding environment would be a wasteland and no economic benefit would be derived from that area (Stones, 2004).
Even though the DND’s Environment Department seems to be working hard, Canada’s environment is still being affected by war even though there has not been one here in the 20th century. In 2003, Canada’s military was called in to protect the environment because the Environment Department failed to follow federal environmental laws to protect habitats. The department simply does not have the personnel or resources to complete all the environment concerns across Canada (Bow, 2004). The most important thing to know about the DND’s Environment Department is that it lacks funding because, when it comes to the Canadian Government, it is not of main concern. The Canadian Government is focused too much on short term issues and not focused enough on long term issues such as

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