How could Boots use relationship marketing?

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How could Boots use relationship marketing?

In this report I will be talking about how Boots could use relationship marketing in the concept of the 7 P’s, the ladder of customer loyalty and total product concept.
The 7 P’s helps the business to create an effective marketing mix which brings profits for the business. The 7 P’s include: people, place, price, process, physical environment, promotion and product.
Boots could use ‘people’ as a way to build relationships by having polite and helpful staff working in their company; when customers come to the shop they expect the employees to be nice and knowledgeable in order to recommend the best product for each customer, this would build relationships with a customer because they
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The total product concept helps to build relationships because it shows what is good about the product and what could be improved, this could build relationship with between Boots and customers because the business would know what is already attracting the customer and what could be improved to make them even more happier and make sure the product is the best quality. Level one of the total product concept is ‘Core product’ which shows what the product needs to do or what it is used for, for example a MaxFactor foundation is expected to provide coverage for the customer’s face.
Level two of the total product concept is ‘Actual product’ this shows what benefits come with the product and why it is better than the product that the competitor is selling, for example the Maxfactor foundation would provide coverage, but would also be pore minimizing which means it is better than

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