How did European Influences from the early 19th century affect Morocco?

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‘How did European Influences from the early 19th century affect Morocco?’

Europe has had incredible influence on Morocco and Northern Africa, and its strategic location between greater Africa and the Iberian Peninsula has shaped its history. The area has been occupied by a vast litany of civilizations, from ancient Romans, and Arabic occupants bringing Islam, to life as a protectorate of France in 1912. The European occupation of Morocco between the 19th and 20th centuries has truly had a lasting effect on the region.

When you examine the influence of European power on Morocco, you must consider the background of external forces, for prior to 1830, predominantly European sway upon the
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In the early 19th century, major European influence began with Abderrahmane, who ruled from 1822 to 1859 and took a vastly different approach from his predecessor, Moulay Slimane who began his reign bankrupt, and worsened the situation with an incredibly bad decision, enacting isolationist policies, severing all trade with Europe because at the time, the shari’a was interpreted to have forbidden trade with Christians, however some historians believe that the was actually because of a long running non-aggressive conflict Morocco had with Spain and Portugal. These policies caused mass famine and rioting in Fez in 1820 , and all but brought the Sultan down until he paid off the armies. Abderrahmane was an enthusiastic advocate of foreign trade, signing trade treaties with Portugal, France, Italy and Britain. These treaties went a long way to improving Morocco’s international position and when Morocco entered a drought in 1825; they imported 2.5 million kilograms of grain, alleviating the situation. When France invaded Algeria in 1930, Abderrahmane had to decide whether to support religious brothers, or to live with their new and powerful neighbor, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, as one would be met with rebellion and the other invasion. He chose
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