How did Jackie Robinson Overcome Racial Discrimination in Sports

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Have you ever been protested and demonstrated against? Jackie Robinson felt the outcry of America during his baseball career. Fighting not only for his future, but also for the overall well-being of his sport, Robinson received death threats for his efforts. On a daily basis, this disciplined African man fought the pressures of hatred toward his entire race. As a segregated country, America saw major league baseball as a white man’s sport. Robinson was the outlier in an otherwise American “tradition.” Society observed Robinson’s play on the field with extremely bias eyes. No matter the achievement; no matter the obstacle; many still discredited his abilities due to the color of his skin. Over time skeptics gave in to their malice. Robinson…show more content…
His passion for desegregation showed during his time in the army. As stated in the article Historic Impact, “He was court-martialed for failing to sit in the back of the bus at a Texas army base. The case became a national, political incident and the army was forced to dismiss the charges against him” (“Historic” 1,2)! Just because the Color Barrier was an impenetrable force did not mean Jackie Robinson was not willing to use every ounce of his body to burst through it! Baseball has always been a part of America’s pastime. From Babe Ruth calling his shot to Cy Young winning 511 games, baseball has always been a sport of chance. Baseball is a sport where one has to give the other team an opportunity to win. A team cannot run the clock down until the game is over; the other team always has a chance to win the game. The fate of a team always lies in their own hands. The same chance for success was given to Jackie Robinson when Branch Rickey brought him into the major leagues. If Robinson could put up respectable statistics and play with class and dignity he could win the heart of a country. In Rubinstein’s article it states, “Following Rickey’s lead, some Major League clubs were quick to integrate” (“Rubinstein” 25). Jackie’s perseverance lead to a huge wave of Negro players into Major League baseball. Players like Willie Stargell, Joe Morgan, and Willie Mays became stars of the league all because of Robinson. As stated in Rubinstein’s article “By the

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