How did the holocaust end and what happened afterwards?

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How did the holocaust end and what happened afterwards? From 1933 onwards, Adolf Hitler and his Nazis began implementing simple discrimination laws against the Jews and others who they did not see part of their master race. Hitler and the Nazis believed that German power was being taken by the Jews. Hitler was able to convince his followers of this issue with the Jewish question as it was known, and get away with murdering millions of people in an attempt to cleanse society of anyone inferior to the master race. The Holocaust lasted for 12 years, until 1945. Starting as early as 1944, the Allies were finally advancing on the Germans and began taking over their camps. These liberations and takeovers by the Soviets, American’s and other…show more content…
After four days, the Germans withdrew from the ghetto, having deported far fewer people than they had first planned. The Nazis re-entered the ghetto on April 19th, the eve of Passover, that same year, to evacuate the remaining Jews and close the ghetto. The Jews using homemade bombs and stolen weapons resisted and withstood the Germans for up to 27 days. They fought from bunkers and sewers, evading capture until the Germans bombed the ghetto building by building. By May 16th the ghetto was in ruins and the uprising crushed. Jews also resisted in some of the death camps such as Sobibor, Treblinka and Auschwitz. All of these acts of resistance were hugely unsuccessful in the face of the far more superior German forces but they were important spiritually, giving the Jews hope that one day the Nazis would be defeated. However at this stage in the war the Jewish death toll was far higher than the Nazi death toll. (3) It was between 1942 and 1944 that the Germans decided to eliminate the ghettos and deport the ghetto populations to extermination camps. Killing centres equipped with gassing facilities in Poland. This was known as the “Final Solution to the Jewish question”, implemented after a meeting of senior German officials in late January 1942 at a villa in Wannsee. It was official state policy, the first ever to advocate the murder of an entire people. It was also the first time Non-Nazi

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