How did the perception of women change in WW2 Essay

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How was the perception of women changed throughout the Second World War?

World War Two (WW2) broke out in 1939 and would have great effect on the Australian Home Front. The impact was particularly felt by women and their role in society changed to a significant extent. These changes are clearly evident from many factors that took place during the course of the war although, the most significant changes were due to the introduction of women to the predominantly male orientated workforce, fashion change and restrictions and the ‘friendly invasion’ of the American troops. Through identifying these changes it is clear to see how the role and perception of Australian women was completely changed.

Women in the workforce are commonly
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With these restrictions fashion had to change and become more dull bringing the femininity out of clothing to simplify it and use less materials. Mendes states “In 1942 the design of new clothes was regulated so styles didn’t go out of fashion, No double breasted jackets... No pleated or darted pockets... Trousers were only permitted one hip pocket and the hems were narrowed” (2010,p.108). This is extended on by Olds when they state “civilian clothing often mirrored military uniform style... women’s nipped in waists were let out leaving shapeless character”(2001,p.49) Both sourced corroborate that the extent of the regulations was excessive and created many difficulties. By doing this it removed the ability to express women’s character and physique through their clothing. Also they felt it lowered their appeal to men and society which in turn effected their perception. The change in fashion altered the perception of women to society and to
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