How do Companies Manage Their Brands Using Social Media?

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How do companies manage their brands using social media? Social media poses significant obstacles and opportunities for companies. As Qualman (2010, p. xiii) states, social media pervades literally every facet of a company's existence, yet despite this (or perhaps because of this) social media seems to resist easy definition. For the purposes of this paper, social media refers to the ways in which a company communicates using digital media. On the one hand, there are a number of ways in which a company can now market themselves to the public; on the other hand, a company accustomed to traditional marketing strategies will be negatively affected if they do not integrate social media strategies. In this paper, a number of strategies are provided for online marketing, relating to advertisement, customer service, and communication within the company itself. In today's digital age, companies are tasked with advertising on a nonstop basis; it is not enough to place a weekly advertisement in a newspaper or a television commercial. A typical company manages a number of social marketing initiatives: these include photosharing, podcasting, Facebook, and Twitter. Given the varied social networking manifestations, it is imperative that people are employed whose principal task is operating their social media outlets. Since customers are constantly dialed in to the internet, it is incumbent on the company to adapt to the shifting (and expanding) technology. There are a number of
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