How do You know? Essay

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I walk down the school hallway or the streets, and see couples holding hands or giving each other kisses on the cheek. A sickened look captures my face as I walk by and hear those three words, “I Love you”. Then it dawns on me, do they really love each other? Do they understand what they are saying? If it isn’t love what do they have? Many people question the difference between love and lust, and if they are able to have both.
In my opinion, it is possible that love can turn into a passionate relationship and the sexual tension between two partners can eventually turn into love. However, there is no guarantee that one will generate the other. Lust means to have an intense desire or sexual need towards someone. It is just a mere
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It is proven in this literary work that when having that sexual tension between another person, and getting passed what drew you near them in the first place, the two beings can eventually fall in love. On the other hand, there are being that are able to fall in love and confide in each other without being sexually attracted. This type of union is considered very genuine and unadulterated. In William Shakespeare’s, Sonnet 116, love is characterized in its most ideal form. The sonnet is congratulating lovers who have come to each other freely. The first four lines identifies the Shakespeare’s admiration for how love is stable and “will not alter when alterations finds” (Shakespeare 345). In the fifth line, he speaks about love being a guiding star to lost ships (wandering barks). The love theme of this sonnet expresses love in a positive way. When love comes first there is some other force that attracts them, which is not the desire of intercourse. In “Plato: The Perfect Union”, it is revealed that people long to find that person to become whole with. For example, “To Plato lovers are incomplete halves of single puzzle, searching for each other in order to become whole.” (Ackerman 877). It describes soul mates as being the true definition of romantic love. Specifically it says to “Bridle sexual urges” and “set higher goals”. Implicating that romantic love does not need flourish with just sex alone. “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” was about a man who