How do men and woman differ in terms of use of unisex products

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Contents 1 Introduction The concept of preferring the people with “fair-skin” has long been recognized socially and it has been the psychological and social impact on women to be fair. But in the recent years, men too have started giving importance on personal grooming, beginning with fair skin. The market for fairness cream was restricted to women only till 2005; but Emami catered to men with its product Fair and Handsome. Till then the fairness cream had dominated the cosmetic market covering male and female segments. It is clear from television and matrimonial advertisements that the market for fairness creams in India is huge. The increasing demand of fair bride and groom creates the field for the national and…show more content…
Respondents gave the least preference to ‘satisfaction’ for the value of the brand. (1) Sudhakar et. al. (2012) investigated the social causes for purchase of personal care products. They found that there was a significant influence of age in the purchase of categories of fairness creams. Here again, it was concluded that the chief social factors influencing purchasing decision for fairness creams were family, friends and neighbours, in that order. (4) Women use fairness creams in abundance and men have only recently started doing so recently. A. B. Junaid et. al. (2013) found that as the income level of female consumers is increasing their expenditure for cosmetic product is also increasing. We also found that there is an increase in the awareness as well related to cosmetic products. One major finding in our study tells us that these days female consumers prefer more of cosmetic products which are made from the natural ingredients in other words we can say that they prefer herbal cosmetic products. (8) S. S. Shimpi (2012) et. al. found that the usage of fairness creams was more in the higher income group with men. The variables influencing their preference texture of product, promised effects, previous usage experience and suitability to skin type are the key variables from the studied product attribute variables. (7) Mary S. et. al. (2012)
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