How do the poets compare the theme of Love?

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How do the poets compare the theme of Love?

In the poems “Sonnet 116” and “Sonnet 130” written by William Shakespeare, “La Belle Dams sans Merci: A Ballad” by John Keats, “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning, “A Mother in a Refugee Camp” written by Chinua Achebe and “Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy, all have one main feature in common, they are about love. Albeit these poems are about love, they were written in different time periods, ranging from 1609 to 1993. I have decided to analyse these poem because of the fact that these poems all have a similar theme, the theme of love but were all written in the writers’ own style.

The poem “My Last Duchess” was written in 1842 and was included in his Dramatic Lyrics collection of poems, which
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I think it expresses how much the mother cared because in my opinion, rubbing is a very intimate act. Using the third person mode in this situation is better than first person because if it was written in first person, it would not have affected the readers as much because, when a person witnesses something, it seems to have a greater affect as it is someone else’s opinion on the event. Also, because it is someone else’s opinion, they see everything with a fresh set of eyes, rather than what the mother sees everyday, as it is what the mother believes is “normal”.

Despite the fact that I have stated using first person is more emotive, in this case however, it isn’t. I think the third person narrative is more effective to show the love between a mother and her child because someone else is witnessing the maternal relationship, which in my opinion is the strongest type of love one can feel. Moreover, the purpose of this poem is directly related to the narrative mode used, because by using third person narrative, the writer is trying to make us relate to what others witnessed. It make the readers be in awe at how the mother and child living in the refugee camp had nothing but were still surviving as they had each other to lean on.

In the poem written by Keats, he uses the setting of the scene to create a sad, lonely atmosphere in order to voice to the readers the love felt. I think he set it in the cold, bleak winter night because it makes the reader feel more sorrow
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