How does Age and Education Level Affect your Health Knowledge?

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Being in good health is not only healthy for you, it is important because it can help you with your confidence and you can receive more energy in the day. As kids we all think school is boring and we would rather be hanging out with our friends then sitting in class and listening to the teacher, but the fact is the higher education level you acquire can be directly related to your health. The education you receive can also improve help you because it will increase your knowledge and you will have a better understanding on how to take care of yourself, what I mean by this is becoming aware of your symptoms earlier and deciding if it’s something minor like a small cold, or something major like the flu. There is also a link between your…show more content…
The fourth choice was a college graduate, the fifth choice refused to answer and the last option was don’t know. There were a total of 7,326 participants in this survey, only a total of 10 of them answered refused or don’t know. The majority of them 36% was a college graduate, 29.9% had some college, 24.6% was a high school graduate and only 9.3% of them had less than high school.
The last question I used in my analysis was “Overall, how confident are you about your ability to take good care of your health? There were 7 responses that could be used, the first answer was completely confident, the second was very confident, the third answer was somewhat confident, the fourth answer was a little confident. The fifth answer was not confident at all and the last two answers was refused or don’t know. In the survey there were a total of 7,550 participants 22% had chosen completely confident, while around half 49.1% had answered it as very confident. Only around 23.9% had chosen somewhat confident and 3.5% had little confidence and 1.3% had no confidence at all, the final two were refused or don’t know and they received a total of less than .3%. While looking at this question is seems like around 95% of the participants had at least average confidence or higher in their ability to take care of themselves. The data collection used in this survey was by phone and mail.
The dependent variable is your overall confidence in your ability to maintain good health, the
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