How does Allen Curnow convey his struggles with the writing process?

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How does Allen Curnow convey his struggles with the writing process?

As a journalist and a poet Allen Curnow might sometime suffers from lack of interests, inspirations and creations towards his job and project and this struggles are vividly convey in the poem “Continuum”. He might have struggles in finding new ideas and muse for his writing process. The poem “Continuum” might be an allegory for the process of him writing the poem and the continuity of poetic inspiration. The poem might be implying the sinking of his poetic capabilities and his creative struggles that causes him frustration and insomnia.

One of the way that the poet convey his struggles are through his language as it is very contradictory, which creates a sense of
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The repetition of ‘or’ and ‘nor’ in the second stanza builds upon the fact that he have so many things to think about as the poet keep repeating the same word and different ideas in one stanza. This accentuates the stress and the pressure that he is feeling and that he is overwhelm in chain of thoughts. There are low vowel sounds throughout the poem, which create a sense of sleepiness because when you are sleepy you usually talk in a low voice rather in a high pitch sound. And the structure of the poem, how stanza and stanza is connected this suggest the continue chain of thought how an idea run after an idea continuously. In the end the poets describe the author as it was different from himself ‘who picks up his litter and his tools’ the litter here might be suggesting the ideas that he has thought of and thrown away. Also tools are link with heavy works and jobs, which might imply that the process of him writing the poem is just as tough. The world ‘tools’, which is plural, could suggest that the process of writing is very complex. If the word were not plural it wouldn’t give the same effect, as it is not able to achieve and continue the ideas of difficulties and complicated process. The large number of punctuations is also use in the poem; this can be suggesting the lack of control as ideas are coming in and out nonstop and causing the poet to keep pulsing throughout the poem.

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