How does use their digital channels to achieve success?

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How does use their digital channels to achieve success?

1. History and Success, Inc. is the world’s largest retailer (Barney, 2011) conducting online business with its headquarters in Washington, USA. started its operations as an online bookstore in 1995 by Mr. Jeff Bezos (Gary, 2005). Later on the business was expanded by selling Digital Videos, Compact Disks, Media Player 3, computer software, games for kids and youth, house hold electronic devices, furniture and fixture, food related items and other marketable mix.

The basic motive behind the company was to offer wide variety of goods conveniently to the customers at low cost. The company got success and fame in its
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4. Digital marketing approach

Marketing approach or strategy is the core issue of an organization’s success. A good and economic product if not marketed properly can lead to big shock. Hence companies keep their competitive edge secret.

Some of the marketing techniques of that I searched include the emphasis on customer loyalty, email marketing, customer’s options to rate their products, taking account the customer’s feedback and effective advertising.

5. Feedback

In case of, real time tests have been conducted to measure the effectiveness with view point of the customers and to get feedback from the experts. Because the information of customer feedback will test whether the strategies of Amazon are effective or not. The feedbacks of customer will also contribute to company’s future strategy decisions and change the mistakes. More importantly, the feedback from the customers has been highly valued in research and development process.

6. Technological advancement uses the distributed development and deployment approach. This approach is useful to modify the content on the webpage and its location without the help of an IT professional and within a very little span of time, making the system easier and quick to respond. This system is automatic for accepting orders and payments and is free from human errors and can handle thousands of transactions simultaneously.

7. Affiliated

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