How does Bennett present different views on education through Hector, Mrs. Lintott and Irwin.

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In this essay I will show that there are different views on education and that we see them in the different teachers. You can see that Hector is the more outgoing teacher. Mrs Lintott is the stereotypical teacher and Irwin is the new teacher with new views on education. I will go in-depth into the teacher's point of view. I will start with the one of the main teachers and that is Hector. Hector is a very important character he is one that thinks that children should not only be taught the syllabus that the government gives but they should be learning how to be well-round beings and have the knowledge to go throw life and be successful in everything they do this is shown in this quote "[Hector during his general studies class with the…show more content…
But Hector doesn't think that it matters into which school the boys will get into. Mrs. Lintott is the only woman teacher in the whole play that is very feministic and is the very stereotypical teacher of the times. She has very feminist point of view on history this is shown in this quote "What is history? History is women following behind with a bucket." this is a funny but true quote from a woman who is very normal about education. I think she is the most down to earth she taught them the facts, Hector taught them the knowledge of life and Irwin gives them the technique. Also she thinks that when they are doing the interview for the university they should also think from a woman's prospective because they are also very important "I hesitate to mention, lest it occasion a sophisticated groan, but it may not have crossed your minds that one of the dons who interviews you may be a woman." it shows that in this time woman we thought to have been less then men. She also thinks that Irwin is not adequate enough to step into her shoes after she retires and she makes a metaphor about that "Anyway what Felix wanted to tell me is that when I finish next year he's hoping he can persuade you to step into my shoes...For your information they're information they're a size seven court shoe, broad fitting." this shows that she is very proud of what she accomplished and saying he won't be able to do the same. Irwin is the

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