How does Bram Stoker create fear and suspense during Jonathan Harker's

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How does Bram Stoker create fear and suspense during Jonathan Harker's encounter with the three young women in chapter three of Dracula?

'Dracula' was written 1897 and written in a first person diary format.
The extract from chapter three tells us that Jonathan Harker is trapped in Draculas castle. He has discovered that he is alone with
Dracula and in the previous chapter has seen him coming from one of the lower windows, climbing down the wall.

Count Dracula has warned Jonathan Harker not to sleep in any other room in the castle but Jonathan has other ideas.

"The Counts warning came into my mind, but I took a pleasure in disobeying it."

This creates suspense as the reader feels apprehensive for Jonathan and wants to
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The repetition of key words like 'red' and 'moonlight' make this effective because it helps firmly fix in the readers mind.

"almost red when contrasted with the pale yellow moon."

This is associated with blood, anger and danger and it is certainly not the usual colour of eyes.

The moonlight is also used more than once as the pale full moon acts like the only light that can be seen and gives the impression that all is not what it seems which helps to create the typical gothic atmosphere. "eyes like pale sapphires."

Stoker uses a simile to show that the women are very beautiful and their eyes were gleaming at the sight of getting close to Jonathan.

We get the impression that Jonathan is tempted when the women are flirting with him as he has a 'burning desire' but on the other hand, he is also held back by this as he knows he doesn't want to betray his fiancé. He describes himself as being a "in an agony of delightful anticipation" By this juxtaposition we can see that he has mixed feelings because he doesn't want to betray his fiancé but is nervous to what is going to happen next.

The way the writer puts across how the women are trying to seduce him makes Jonathan appear not to be responsible for what is happening as he thinks he could be asleep and not wary of what he is
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