How does Russell make the opening scene of Educating Rita interesting

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How does Russell make the opening scene of Educating Rita interesting for the audience?

How does Russell make the opening scene of "Educating Rita" interesting for the audience? What are the audience invited to think about in this scene?

In act 1 scene 1, Russell interests the audience by introducing the two characters Frank and Rita as being two completely different people from very different backgrounds who are both unhappy. I will explore their backgrounds and what they want in their lives.

The whole of the play is set in a university office in Liverpool. This is probably because the play is about their weekly meetings in the room. It could also be so you only need one set if you were performing the play. The room has
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He often uses this kind of humour in private jokes, which he wants Rita to hear, but not to understand this makes Rita ask him a lot more questions which increases her knowledge. Franks uses language to try and impress Rita. He does this by using long words, jargon, names of writers and poets and language that 'educated people' would use. Frank's initial perception of Rita before he has met her is that she is 'some silly woman attempting to get into the mind of Henry
James'. Frank responds to Rita by being very surprised by her openness to him:-

Rita That's a nice picture, isn't it?

Frank Erm-yes, I suppose it is-nice

Rita It's very erotic.

This kind of thing is shown through a lot of act 1 scene 1.

There are lots of things Rita makes Frank think about in this scene.
Most of the things are little like whether he thinks the picture is erotic or whether or not he should take a cigarette. But there are some fairly big things she makes him think about, like whether or not an education could really change her life or, whether he can really give Rita what she wants. This also makes the audience think about various issues that come up in the play. Frank enjoys literature. This is because he understands it. At first Frank doesn't think Rita should take the course, as she isn't the right kind of person to do it. When he meets her his ideas really change and he starts to understand what
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