How does Scout develop and mature as the novel progresses? Essay

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How does Scout develop and mature as the novel progresses?

Atticus says, "Scout , you're not old enough to understand some things yet"

Scout Finch, who is a six-year-old girl at the beginning of the novel
To Kill a Mocking Bird, is nine by the end of it. The novel, written by Harper Lee, is written in a very adult style because Scout is recounting memories of her childhood in Maycomb County, Southern
Alabama. Scout is a very lively, intelligent girl but has a hot temper, which gets her into a lot of trouble with the adults. Unlike the typical late nineteenth century American female stereotype, of a woman staying home sitting on the porch while the man of the house goes and earns the money, Scout enjoys taking part in boyish
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This was when the banking and investments all crashed, leaving little confidence in the American trading industry, and because less people were trading, companies did not have enough money to employ people, and farmers like the
Cunninghams were finding it hard to sell their goods. However, the
Cunninghams may be poor, but they have a lot of pride, and when Scout humiliated Walter, he was not too happy. This happens because Scout was put into a position where she had to explain to her teacher why
Walter did not have his lunch, in order to save him from getting into trouble: "Walter hasn't got a quarter at home to bring you, and you can't use any stove wood."

Scout's motives were good but the way she explained the plight insulted and abashed Walter Cunningham, which is why he did not appreciate Scout's efforts to get him out of trouble. When she claimed that Miss Caroline was "shamin' him," she did not realise that she herself was actually "shamin' him" as well. The problem was finally resolved when Jem broke up their fight in the playground and invited
Walter around to their house for dinner as a way of saying sorry. When they arrived at the house, and Walter met Atticus, Jem and Scout's father, Scout was very surprised that "Walter and Atticus talked together like two adults". She did not understand why her father was treating this poor boy
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