How does TripAdvisor affect the hospitality industry

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How does TripAdvisor affect the hospitality industry?
This report is going to research the affects TripAdvisor has on the hospitality industry.
TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, it enables potential customers to see other opinions before they part with their cash. TripAdvisor has over 60 million visitors per month looking through over 75 million reviews of hotels and restaurants. The site operates in 30 countries worldwide making it a powerful and unstoppable force. (2013) The next review site that even comes close to TripAdvisor is with a mere 14 million reviews per month compared to the review giant of TripAdvisor.
Stephen Kaufer co-founded TripAdvisor in 2000 with the mission to “help
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In 2010 Duncan Bannentynes (Dragon den star) hotel came under fire when a guest stated his hotel was "shoddy" and a "disaster".
Duncan Bannatyne was not the only one to seek legal action, Heston Blumenthal was outraged when a woman claimed she had food poisoning from duck she shared with a friend, and this was not long after his restaurant in Bray was hit in 2009 with an outbreak of the norovirus bug that saw 240 fall ill. This Is Money (2012)
Not only are reviews being used to damage a reputation but also used as black mail. An investigation by the Times had implied that 80% of hoteliers and bed and breakfast owners had complained to TripAdvisor that guests had been using the online review system in an intimidating and black mail way. Guests would demand upgrades or discounts if the business in question did not comply then a bad review would be posted on TripAdvisor.,(2011)

It looks like a new trend is flowing through TripAdvisor full of bad reviews sweeping through businesses, attacking reputations in seconds. A spokeswoman for TripAdvisor said: ‘We take the authenticity of our reviews very seriously and have numerous methods to manage the legitimacy of the content. If a review is found to be in breach of our guidelines, it will absolutely be removed from the site.’ This Is Money (2012) it could be a challenge to manage all the reviews as TripAdvisor has such a large amount of visitors per month, with only 1500
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