How does creatine affect your body Essay

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How does Creatine affect your body?

     How does Creatine affect your body? Creatine affects our body in several different ways. Creatine can provide additional energy for your muscles, volumization of your muscles, buffer lactic acid build-up, and enhance protein synthesis. Creatine can also help stimulate growth in muscles and increase the user's strength, even while doing your normal workouts. Creatine can also be taken in a variety of ways.
     Creatine can affect your body in a negative way when taken excessively. Normally, one should not take more than 20 grams at a time. Your liver and kidneys may become damaged from taking too much and can also cause you an upset stomach,
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This is where creatine or creatine phosphate (CP) becomes most useful. When taking CP, you should know that the majority of creatine that is stored in the muscles, bonds with abundant phosphorus stores in the muscles, and then is converted into CP. CP is able to react with the ADP in your body and turns “useless” ADP back into the “useful” energy source ATP. The more ATP present in the body means more fuel for the muscles.
     Studies have shown that volumization of your muscles is just a process of pulling fluids into the muscles cells in order to increase the volume of the muscles. This volume also leads to an increase in body weight.
     Buffer lactic acid-build up helps build up muscle during exercise. This leads to that burning feeling you get in your muscles. Research has found a complicated process of the creatine bonding with a Hydrogen ion that helps delay the build up of lactic acid, but more research is needed to see if this is factual. Researchers also say that creatine helps put the body in a more anabolic state where protein synthesis can occur. The more protein synthesis occurs the greater the muscle gains.
There are different ways in taking creatine. You can take creatine in a variety of forms including powder, liquid serum, pills, and gum. Taking creating in powder form is not as effective when you mix it with juice or water
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