How e-mail and Internet Technology Works

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Internet – How email works How this technology works. The whole point of email is to get your message to somebody in the quickest way possible. Instead of writing with a pen and paper you type off your keyboard for your email to be composed in an email programme on your computer, such as yahoo. Once you have typed your email you make sure you have put the address to the person you are sending the email to and press send. Your email transports like a postal service (letters and parcels), email service the email from the sender to the recipient. This differs from how it used to be many years ago because email didn’t exist so people had to send letter to get their message to other people. This is a much longer process taking 1-2 days for somebody to receive it where as email takes a few minutes. Just as you would receive a letter which you open and read it, you do the same with email. An e-mail is just as simple as sending a text message. Email is basically an electronic message. Email doesn’t just have to be sent from computer to computer, but they can be sent from mobile phones, PDAs etc. Advantages The advantage of email is that it is a quicker way of getting a message sent to somebody. Emails can be sent at any time of the day and any time of the year. It is cheaper than sender letters. It can be sent to several people at once. You can spell check you’re writing on an email. They can be sent to other places in the world. Disadvantages The disadvantage of email
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