How far can you be a Feminist Biblical Scholar and Remain a Faithful Christian?

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How far can you be a Feminist Biblical Scholar and Remain a Faithful Christian or Jew?
The number of feminist scholars critically assessing Biblical narrative has risen since the second feminist movement of the 1970s (Scholz 2014). A common theme of their scholarship has been to what extent the Bible may be seen to favour men. Some feminist scholars may not be able to legitimately assess the Bible and remain faithful to it because of such outdated views on women in a time when women’s equality is encouraged. I will firstly discuss the difficulties of being a feminist scholar and a Christian or Jew with particular reference to belonging to men, being of less value in society, and finally with a focus on key issues arising from
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2:20). Eve is thus created to be Adam’s ‘helper’, but as David Clines points out, she does not help him in the two tasks he has been assigned: to till the garden and name the animals (1990:33). Rather, she fulfils the role in continuing the human race that God has created. This can be seen further with the naming of Eve, which means ‘life’, with Clines describing this as how a woman’s function is denoted in the Bible (1990:40). I agree with Clines in this respect as by using language such as ‘helper’, it is suggested that Eve was not created independently of Adam but to help him as the more dominant figure. It is understandable how this text would not sit well with feminist scholars as it belittles women’s role in society in being secondary to man and only valuable for procreation, highlighted by Eve’s name. This has implications for women today who cannot have children because if they accept this interpretation that women were made to procreate then they may feel a lack of purpose in life. This could create issues for feminist scholars who are Christian or Jewish as they may question why they would adhere to a religion that does not promote a positive picture of every woman and could make some women feel worthless.
It has also been claimed that Genesis blames Eve for the Fall of Man; women are seen as responsible for Original Sin. This can stem from arguments
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