How functional areas link

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In this assignment I will be discussing how functional areas link with each other within Tesco.
The functional areas in any business can’t work alone; they must interact with other departments and have good communications within them.
Most functional areas in Tesco deal with external people or organisations, these are called external links. For example, suppliers, which are usually contacted by the purchasing or production function to make orders; the R&D department then contacts specialist suppliers and research if the products they offer are of good quality; the finance department will check the suppliers invoices before they are paid to ensure there are no mistakes.
Tesco’s staff will be contacted by the customers if they have any
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If sales staff and customer service staff don’t work together to meet the needs and expectations of customers, then customers will start to think that Tesco isn’t a good place to shop and that the staff isn’t well trained and prepared to work there and provide help and information, so they will go to other supermarkets that provide better customer service Tesco will start to lose more and more customers and this will decrease their profit which in an extreme case can then lead for the closing down of the company. The distribution function links with the Customer service function because if the deliveries are being made and the right time to the right customers, and if the delivery is very quick, then customers will be loyal to Tesco because they will see that it provides a quick and good customer service. This is important for the reputation of Tesco because if customers are satisfied with the customer service provided during the delivery, for example, not taking too long to get the goods delivered, if the products are of good quality, if the employee who delivers the goods is very polite and helpful, the customer will always be shopping in Tesco, using the delivery service and will probably recommend this to friends and family, or even leave a feedback on Tesco’s website where lots of people all around the country can see, and Tesco’s’ reputation will be enhancing and more and more people will be shopping
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