Essay about How have sitcoms changed over time?

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Although ‘Men Behaving Badly’ is not that much older than ‘Friends’ the more recent episodes of Friends are quite different to the final episodes of M.B.B.      The most obvious difference between the two programmes is the clothes the actors wear and their accents. Of course this is to be expected due to the difference in time and location of filming but also the characters play very different parts. In M.B.B. all the characters are around aged 30 and live in quite a bad part of London and not particularly worried about their sense of fashion; whereas in Friends they live in the centre of New York and most of the characters are always dressed in the latest clothes and some of the narrative revolves around what…show more content…
The characters usually have a lot more to say and humour comes just from the dialogue instead of actions. However, in Friends, a couple of the characters are actually portrayed as being very childlike and the humour is much more slapstick and easy to understand because of this. Also the lines given to the characters are much shorter which means each character has something to say in one scene and some of the humour heavily relies on the actions of the characters as well. These short lines make it easier for the viewer to settle into the programme from the beginning. There      There is also a difference about whose lines get the most laughs. In Friends the characters get about the same amount of laughs even if it is from different types of humour (sarcastic, stupid, slapstick etc) whereas in M.B.B. the show focuses on the men’s stupidity more than anything else. It is here that most of the laughs come from. The women are usually seen as the more serious ones that get the odd laugh from pointing out how stupid the men sound.      The two sitcoms are quite similar as well though. In both programmes the laughs are usually directed at the men because they are made to look quite ‘dumb’ compared to the female characters. Also the relationships between the characters are similar too. In both sitcoms there is a big focus on couples
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