How is Robotics Used in Space

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DESCRIBE HOW ROBOTICS USE IN SPACE WHAT IS ROBOT? A robot may be characterized as a self-controlled gadget comprising of electronic, electrical, or mechanical units. All the more by and large, it is a machine that capacities set up of a living operator. Robots are particularly attractive for certain work capacities on the grounds that, dissimilar to people, they never get tired; they can continue physical conditions that are uncomfortable or even risky; they can work in airless conditions; they don't get exhausted by redundancy; and they can't be occupied from the errand within reach. In this manner, robots are particularly significant to space investigation. Not just would they be able to go to situations excessively antagonistic or excessively inaccessible for human adventurers, however they can additionally improve the work calendar of a manned space mission. INTRODUCTION: Provisions outside the Earth's air are plainly a great fit for robots. It is hazardous for people to persuade to space, to be in space and to come back from space. Keeping robots working dependably in space shows some one of kind tests for specialists. The ultra-high vacuum in space keeps the utilization of most sorts of ointments. The temperatures can swing fiercely relying upon whether the robot is in the daylight or shade. Furthermore, or course, there is very nearly no gravity. This is really a greater amount of a chance than a test and prompts the likelihood of some novel plans. The theoretical

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