How is the extinguishing of the Jewish and Native American races similar?

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I will be researching extinguishing of the Jewish and Native American races; the reasoning behind the atrocities, the suffering, and the aftermath. Both groups of people were stripped of their rights. The Native Americans were simply denied their rights and in Germany, during World War II, the Jewish population’s rights were taken away. The plight of the Native American expanded over a longer time period, but there race was practically eradicated. The systematic state-sponsored murder of six million Jews by Nazis and their collaborators took place during World War II, which was spanned a shorter timeframe. Two of the sources utilized throughout this essay, War and Genocide a Concise History of the Holocaust and Native American Genocide, …show more content…
This was a contributing factor to the mass extinction of the Native American population. Most tribes lost anywhere from fifty to ninety percent of their people due to illnesses alone (Delema). On May 28, 1830, Andrew Jackson enacted the Indian Removal Act; it was meant to encourage and assist [force] members of the "five civilized tribes" from eastern states to move west into the "Indian Territory" (Delema). "Indian Removal" policy was put into action to clear the land for white settlers. This act led to the Trail of Tears and more atrocities. The tribes decided to travel to the other side of the Mississippi. This commenced a relocation of over 70,000 Native Americans, a destructive movement known as the Trail of Tears (Delema). Many people died from exhaustion and starvation from the long journey. As America was expanding, Native Americans were being pushed farther west and even up into Canada (Delema). With Manifest Destiny and the United States constantly taking shape, the English settlers were much greedier for land and grew less tolerant of the Natives standing in their way. There were numerous amounts of massacres. There was a large migration to the west after the discovery of gold in California in1848 (Delema). The Homestead Act (1862) revived greed for money and land (Delema). In California and Texas there was blatant genocide of the natives by white men. “In California, the decrease from about
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