How much do we learn about Gatsby's character and how is it revealed

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How much do we learn about Gatsby's character and how is it revealed to us?

Throughout The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby appears to be motivated by the pursuit of wealth and a life with Daisy, but how does this show up his character? What we know about Gatsby is severely limited by the information that Carraway, who himself only meets Gatsby at the start of the novel, feeds to us. During the short summer, in which the book takes place, our information is limited by the format of the story
i.e. the first person viewpoint limits what we know about Gatsby. We can tell through the way that he acts in his pursuit of Daisy that he is ultimately a shy, reclusive person who will try anything in order to meet his old love. But the first
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Buchanan, the husband of Daisy, launched perhaps the most hard-hitting attack on him when he said, 'You're just Mr. Nobody from Nowhere'.
This hurt him as his main aim in life was to be respected by the affluent in society. Part of this act was to put on parties that the social elite would attend. He held lavish parties in the vain hope that Daisy might turn up. To the people who attended these parties, they were simply that. People just turned up without invitations and joined in regardless of who was holding them. Gatsby himself recognises this and when he talks to Carraway he acknowledges that he is a bad host at these functions. Eventually, Carraway changes his mind so that he puts Gatsby higher in his opinion to the rest of the people. However, when Carraway receives an invitation to one of his parties, it is done only because the reclusive Gatsby wishes to meet his old love.

As part of his attempts to be accepted Gatsby gave himself an early chance to prove himself by setting his day out with specific goals to stick to. Much of what could have given the reader further insight into his life is only discovered at his funeral (during the penultimate days of the book) when his father showed Carraway a diary extract showing a plan on how to succeed. This gives us an idea on how he had his life mapped out towards success and his personal need for it. These idealistic views show us how Gatsby himself