How often people drink coffee

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How often people drink coffee
ENC 1101
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In today’s society, over half of the adults in the United States drink coffee daily, and the percentage has been in increase for the past years or decades. In general, this increase of consuming coffee has been affected by various factors. It depends on ethnicity, race, age, gender, life stress and even the weather or hours of the day disturbs why people consume it. But how often people drink coffee? Or, What properties coffee drinkers know coffee has? These are some question that many people do not show to be concerned about. Most of the people don’t care about how harmful or benefiting the consumption of coffee can be for
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The first question was about how many times in the day they drink coffee, or if they do not drink coffee at all. This question was to create some insight about all the caffeine they are giving to their body. The second one was about the usual time they drink coffee. This one was to show them the pattern they might use without even noticing it. The third question was asking for a reason why they drink coffee. This one was used to identify the key terms that induce them to have a coffee and the dependency from it. The fourth one was about the kind of coffee they usually drink. This one was used just to find differences between the addictions of drinking coffee, if any. Finally, the fifth one was as simple as the knowledge about coffee’s side effects. This one was used to identify consumer’s knowledge about the coffee they are drinking. The survey can be found below in Appendix B.
2.3 Procedure. I sat outside of a well-populated Starbucks coffee near FIU on the eighteen of February of this year two thousand and thirteen and asked different fifteen people who sat there with large cups of coffee and that were willing to fill out a five questions survey, also they did not seem to be from the same ethnicity or race. Also, I explained what the questionnaire was for, so that I get correct answers from them with no fear of giving a wrong answer. I had to ask nearly
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