How slaves were affected physically, mentally, emotionally, and economically due to slavery

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When the African Americans were introduced to slavery, they didn't accept what was happening to them and how they were being treated, but as time passed working for their masters, not only physical, but mental abuse took its toll and soon they began to believe the way they were living was normal and alright.

Punishment played a giant role in slave life. It showed the consequences of not doing what was asked or disobeying their master thus instilling fear in every single slave the owner possessed. Charity Anderson recalls, "But honey chile, all white folks warn 't good to dere slaves, cause I'se seen poe niggas almos' to'e up by dogs, and whipped unmercifully, when dey did'nt do lack de white folks say." Mary Reynolds remembers, "I seed
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They made many people rich and got nothing but punishment as a reward. They tell that some of the masters were good but I never did see a good one." This man is one that didn't buy into slavery and kept his mind from being brainwashed like many other slaves. He knew deep down that slavery was wrong and kept the truth in his reality.

Even after the slaves were "freed," life for them wasn't as great as they hoped it would be and they soon realized that being freed was near as bad as being slaves. Being freed toyed with their minds; just like they became slaves and felt out of place in the beginning, they were put into another tough position to have to readjust once again.

"An' after, soon after when we found out that we was free, why then we was, uh, bound out to different people. An'all such people as that. An' we would run away, an' wouldn' stay with them. Why then we'd jus' go an' stay anywhere we could. Lay out a night in underwear. We had no home, you know. We was jus' turned out like a lot of cattle. You know how they turn cattle out in a pasture? Well after freedom, you know, colored people didn' have nothing. Colored people didn'have no beds when they was slaves. We always slep' on the floor, pallet here, and a pallet there. Jus' like, uh, lot of, uh, wild people, we didn', we didn' know nothing. Didn' allow you to look at no book. An' there was some free-born colored people, why they had a little education, but there
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