How the 1970’s Sparked the Video Game Industry

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How the 1970’s Sparked the Video Game Industry Would it not be awesome if we could do the things one can only dream of doing? Imagine a world where you can be a running back in the NFL, a powerful sorcerer, and Batman, all in the same day. This world does exist and its the world of video games. Video games allow us to escape reality and the stress that comes with it. It is a world of infinite possibilities with something for everyone. You can slay huge aliens with your friends in a virtual reality, harvest the crops from you very own virtual farm, or even run your own country! In the world of video games, you can do whatever your heart desires! But video games have not always been this way and have not always been around. It has taken a…show more content…
Nintendo has dominated the console market with their first handheld gaming device called Gameboy, having sold over 150 million units, and continuing to create more handheld ones. Games have also become easily accessible on smart phones, following the trend of portability. According to research conducted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), 43% of gamers play games on their smartphones, and 25% play on a wireless device. Video game consoles have drastically improved since the 1970s, having become lighter, faster, and more interactive. All of these improvements were made possible by the advancements in hardware. Although the hardware from the 1970s is incredibly inferior to what we have today, the consoles we use today are still put together in a similar fashion. When the Atari 2600 was released, it had no hard drive to save programs to, barely any RAM, and the game cartridges only had about two to four kilobytes of memory (McCall para. 4). To put that in perspective, a trillion kilobytes is equal to exactly one gigabyte. That is virtually nothing. Back in the ‘70s, the graphics were not good because thats all the computing power that was available back then. Simple games with pixellated graphics took up all the space in the hardware. Gaming controllers had to be simple because the games lacked the
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