Essay on How the Black Plague Effected Society

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The plague is a dangerous and deadly disease. The plague is one of the oldest diseases known to the human race. Back when Europe was still in the middle ages all the people including serfs, royalty, jews, and church members were devastated by disease that was unknown to them. The disease spread rapidly through Europe through a variety of means. The plague possesses many names like the black death or the black plague. No matter what the people referred to it as it greatly affected the society in Europe including art, the economy, politics, culture, and religion. The plague is also continuously affecting the planet Earth’s population today. The plague has gotten a very long history as it spread through the world killing millions. The…show more content…
This nasty deadly bacteria is called Yersinia Pestis. The fleas carry this Yersinia Pestis bacteria and transmits the bacteria its host by biting it. Since the main host for the black rat flea is black rats the rats had to develop a resistance to the bacteria to prevent the mass death of the black rat population. The black rats developed this resistance for awhile everything was okay and the Yersinia Pestis bacteria didn't affect the human population. That all changed with a climate change in Asia and the immune defense the black rats had was weakened and the fleas had to find a new host now that the rats were dying. The fleas found humans and the plague outbreak started. Now you are probably asking if this happened in Asia how did Europe get involve. During this time the Mongols were in control of a large part of Asia. The European trades were very interested in the Asian markets. The Mongols decide that the trading would be a good idea. The Europeans were granted access to Asian markets and used a trade route called the Silk road. This trade route connecting Asia to Europe with trade caravans. The caravans carried goods from Europe to Asia and goods from the Asian markets to the European markets. But on these caravans and trade ships back to Europe there was an unknown passenger, the black rat. On these black rats were Yersinia Pestis infected fleas. These stowaways carried the Yersinia Pestis bacteria from Asia to Europe. Even though when crews of the
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