How the Coming and Going of Fascism Affected the Tourism Industry in Italy

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The Italian tourism business in the modern times is appealing to those internationally and nationally within the country. Before, during, and after the Fascism reign was when the policies that organizations of today were being created and trying to be put in use for the betterment of the economy and industry at the times. The nation’s tourist structures functioned better and helped bring the economy out of their hard times caused by the mistakes of Fascism. Italy had remained a poor country during Fascism, destroying the progress after the First World War and eventually coming out of it after Fascism with the knowledge of the need for international currency in the economy. The economy and the people of Italy all were affected by the need and growth of tourism during the rise and fall of the Fascist regime. The arrival of the First World War had a huge impact on the tourism business of Italy and helped set the precedent for wartime industry policies. The war not only “damaged tourism [but] fostered a re-evaluation and reconstruction of the tourist industry”. It was about territory and alliances, but what would a war that was more localized and based on one nation's policies going to do to their main source of revenue at the moment? The use of propaganda and the need for money for the war increased the tourism in Italy, causing there to be a huge influx of tourists and causing the economists and statesmen and people in charge an increased urgency to create a formal policy

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