How the Constitution's Articles I-VII Protect Our Rights

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The United States government is based around the idea of how people should be treated fairly and equally. We were oppressed by a king without a say in the government, so we found our own government. Where everyone can have a say in the government, no one left without a voice. And in order to make sure that everything is fair and just, several documents were created to insure what is good for the people stays. The Constitution is the rock of the United States government. Within it are the written laws that protect our rights. The constitution is divided into different parts; each one going over a different area of government. All the while keeping everything is check to make sure that no branch or person gets too much power. In our government there are checks and balances in place to limit power and to make sure we never have a king to rule over his people. Instead we end up with some powers of a king divided into three parts. The Constitution makes sure that each part never gets too much power and that there is another keeping it from stepping out of bounds. The first three Articles go over each branch of government. Defining what each one is and what powers they have. They are basically laying down the guidelines of our branches of government. These are very important things for a government to have; because of the fact that there would be no branch of government to take away our rights. One of our biggest rights is the fact that we are free. Without the first three

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