How the Digital World May Influence Teaching

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“Currently we live in an era driven by information, global competition and new technologies that are changing the way we think, live and work.” (Pillay, Boulton-Lewis & Wilss 2004, p.17). This conveys the notion that technology has manipulated the minds of today’s generation in every way possible, could be during schooling and non-schooling life. Hence in order for one’s teaching style to go successful one should teach in accordance to the characteristics of the generation they’re teaching as today’s generation requires a digital pedagogy. Furthermore this essay scrutinizes how the characteristics of the 21st century and the digital world will influence the type of teacher one hopes to become. As well as it examines on the construction of skill development towards students from the trending of digital fluency.

Technology today is the fundamental enhancement of teaching and education towards students including collaborative learning. Many educators would approve that a vigorous display of student triumph is the students’ ability to advance both skills and an interest in durable education. A teacher’s style of teaching regarding educational experience and environment could have a vast effect on their student’s education. However technology has emerged as the foundation regarding stronger education, therefore numerous students going to college or university have already possessed progressive skills concerning electronic learning as they’ve practiced and learnt from a fledgling
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