How the Discoveries and Culture of the Renaissance have Directly Benefited You in Some Way

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In addition, this was the time where one might encounter, one or several of these remarkable talented Renaissance individuals, which ranged from artisans, to scientists, sculptors, philosophers, painters, and poets. It would have been exciting seeing them bustling around in a day to day environment, I could only imagine, walking into the Vatican and viewing Michelangelo at work painting the Sistine chapel. The sheer scope of and monumentality of this undertaking was truly enormous task, at over 5500 sq. ft. This was the culmination of the ambitions of, Pope Julius II, and the aspirations of Michelangelo himself. Working from scaffolds over 70, Ft. high above the floor, was physically daunting, the angels and height alone were an undertaking unto themselves. I am in awe at the talent and ingenuity used to create such a beautiful piece of artwork. The result was truly a spectacular work of art. The photos are even remarkable, and wonderful to view. The Renaissance brought about no shortage of amazing individuals. Giotto, Donatello, Durer, and Leonardo Da Vinci to name just a few. Giotto for instance was referred to as the father of Renaissance paintings, his talent in painting the Jesus ascending into the…
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