How the E-commerce Companies Interact, Attract and Retain Customers

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In this essay the researcher investigates on how the e-commerce companies interact , attract and retain customers. This essay focuses on how Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing helps to attract new customers for a company. The essay also includes how Social Media and Smartphones effect an e-commerce organizations.
According to Dave Chaffey (2006), E-Commerce is often thought simply to refer to buying and selling through internet. People immediately think of consumer retail purchases from companies such as Amazon. But E-commerce involves much more than electronically mediated financial transactions between organizations and customers. More commentators refer to e-commerce as all electronically mediated transactions between an organizations and third party that deals with. By this definition, non- financial transactions such as customer requests for further information would also be considered to be part of e-commerce.
There are many techniques that makes an e-commerce website presence on the web. One of the key is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).The SEO is used as a key tool for website owners to get more traffic to the website. It works in a way of analyzing and building websites so that they can found a lot easier when they are indexed by the search engine. SEO could help website contents to be more pertinent and easy understandability when search engines are crawling and indexing data. The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic and appear in search
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