How the Environment Affects Students’ Learning Essay

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How the Environment Affects Students’ Learning

By: Jessica Robinson

REED 504: Processes and Acquisition of Reading Skills

Professor Curbeam-Newby

Recently there has been more thought put into how vital a students’ environment is as it relates to their academic success. Both community environment and physical learning environment in schools have a great deal of influence on how the students learn, handle certain situations, perceive things, and overall just how their brain processes things. If either environment is lacking or overly induced with certain factors it could be detrimental to a child’s academic growth. As educators we need to ensure that we are aware of the issues that can occur from environments that are not
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After that they need to do a follow up to see if these changes indeed made a change for the betterment of academic success. Things such as seating, temperature, lighting, and noise are also factors that can make or break a learning environment. Some things that interests me in particular was how color in the classroom can have a positive effect on behavior and cognition. For example, research has shown that warmer colors (red and yellow) stimulate students, where cooler colors (light blue) are used to calm them. Another valid point made in chapter 6 Jenson (2005) was room décor. It was said that walls used for affirmations, information, inspiration, or other learning experiences. Giving children breaks, aromas, and accommodating special needs children were also discussed in making the physical environment more conclusive to learning.

Designing a “smarter school” has recently been a topic in the forefront when it comes to physical learning environments. These school would include: more natural lighting, include ecology in their curriculum so students can be more aware, provide flexibility with temperature from room to room, better designed learning spaces with more space, provide optimal views in classrooms, and make sure that staff areas are comfortable spaces where they can get away to think, relax, plan, and reflect. When thinking of learning environments
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