How the Fast Food Affects Our Lives

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Nhung Mai
Professor Orozco
English 301 B
10 December 2011
How the Fast Food Affects Our Lives Many American children like eating fast food even though it is unhealthy because it is tasty and fast services. They do not have to wait for foods when they are hungry. They can receive foods within 10 or 15 minutes. Fast foods actually are very convenient for everybody when they do not have time to cook and have to have foods for children. However, there are the many serious effects of fast food to children. The children have to face high risks to their health when fast food contributes to children’s obesity. Obesity is a big problem to children’s health because children can develop many serious diseases. There are “more than 30 medical
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They will be separated with the communities when they feel so shy with big bodies. They do not want play sports because their bodies let them move harder and slower. They feel too tired to play again. They just want to sit down, watch the game and eat. Therefore, obesity prevents children to join in many social activities. It is hard to bring them many opportunities to have a high social status in the future. They may get worse if they are too fat, even they are going to die. It will end up the new workforce to develop the US economy because children are the future of the country. One of the reasons that parents are being fooled by fast food companies do not make any specific claims about the healthfulness or calorie content of their menu items. Zinczenko notes that “advertisements don’t carry warning labels the way tobacco ads do… Some fast-food purveyors will provide calorie information on request, but even that can be hard to understand.” (154)Some kind of fast food does not have the label about the nutrition on the menus or on the hamburger in the fast food restaurant. There are some tiny words to write how much calories that contains in a fast food meal but parents are hard to recognize when the picture of a big Mac is big, multicolored and attractive. The nutrition label will tell parents how many calories children have when they consume a hamburger at fast food restaurant. If children do not eat fast food and they have healthy

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