How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

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How cultural transitioning affected the Garcia Family
Cultural shock is a common feeling a person experiences when transitioning into a completely different environment and living situation. Throughout the world, immigrants experience many difficulties when assimilating into a new culture.
The novel How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, by Julia Alvarez, illustrates these challenges. Throughout the novel, we see how different aspects of culture shock impact the Garcia family. In this essay I will discuss how particular events change each family member’s Dominican cultural values and identity.
As the family became immersed with the traditions of contemporary American culture, they began to forge conflicting identities and values,
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As a result of these “American problems” the mother decides to move the family into boarding schools in order to avoid these cultural conflicts.
Discrimination is a common problem foreign students face when initially transitioning into a foreign countries school. Several aspects of educational institutions in America are much different from those in the Dominican, and these differences create tension and conflict among foreign students and native peers.
Several of the events that the Garcia girls experienced are common negative aspects of cultural integration. Harassment and discrimination are common forms of cultural conflicts that occur between two opposing cultures. Cultural values that have become forged into a person’s life usually remain with them for long periods of time. In this case, the Garcia girls were unable to completely adjust their perspectives of Dominican values to accommodate to their Americanized living situation. They held on to their traditional Dominican values, which conflicted with American culture. As a result, they experienced harassment and discrimination.
The relationship between Yolanda and Rudy exemplified a negative aspect of cultural conflict. Because this novel took place during the sexual revolution, sex was a prominent aspect of American values. Rudy embraced the ideology that sex should be an enjoyable event that should not be taken seriously. He continuously incorporated vulgar terminology in his
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