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Case Study Example for LIFC 201 I met with Joan for the first time last week. As I do with all of my clients, a week before our initial meeting I sent her a welcome packet. According to Collins (2009), it can be beneficial to explain to clients the difference between coaching and counseling, so I adapted the fact sheet he provides in his book Christian Coaching and included that in my packet. I also included a copy of the contract, my initial questionnaire, and Collin’s (2009) Graph of Life tool, as I know that it is important to set the tone for the coaching relationship in the first meeting. I try to give my clients the proper tools and information needed in order for our coaching sessions to go smoothly and for there to be…show more content…
We determined that Joan’s largest gaps from where she is to where she wants to be are in the areas of mental/emotional health, lifestyle, and her personal spiritual life. I explained that we would spend most of our coaching sessions focusing on the three areas with the largest gaps. I also explained that by addressing these areas, Joan might see improvement in her satisfaction levels in the other areas as well. In using the Graph of Life tool with my client, I can see how it can help client’s determine that they want to change by visually showing them their dissatisfaction and would definitely use this tool with clients in the future. Like Collins (2009) says, getting a client to the point where they recognize their need for change “is where the coaching start[s]” (p. 60). I was encouraged by Joan’s reaction to the assessment and her willingness to try the tools. It is obvious that she is committed to changing When I completed the assessment on myself, I was surprised to realize that I am unsatisfied in the areas of physical health and lifestyle. Since I was forced to analyze my situation, I realized that I am not fulfilled in these areas. Therefore, I have decided to step away from my responsibility as the director for the church meal train program and rather to volunteer to cook one meal a month. I also have determined to wake up 30

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