How the Grinch Taught Me Morals

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How the Grinch Taught Me Morals

As a child, my favorite book was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. At about 4 years old, I can’t imagine I saw anymore into that book besides the many different kinds of fish described. However, as a more mature adult, I can now see what Dr. Seuss was trying to impress upon children, the acceptance of diversity. Principles of ethics are shown to us frequently in picture books such as those by Dr. Seuss. However, as we get older, these medias we read constantly as children tend to dissipate. Comic strips, like “Calvin and Hobbes” can take their place in adulthood by showing morals and critiquing society’s values in a more mature setting, such as a newspaper, while still remaining
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I demand euphoria!” Hobbes on the other hand is usually the voice of reason throughout the strip, and often calls out Calvin on his egocentricism. What makes Hobbes so lovable is his wisdom and gentle criticism; however, he’s also a giant, sardonic stuffed tiger. The fact that society is critiqued by a little boy and his tiger is something people around the world have found irresistible. Watterson uses Calvin as a parallel to society, and exploits the negative things about it. He uses Hobbes as the example of how he thinks society should act and think. In one particular strip, Watterson wants to exploit society’s need and obsession with technology.
Calvin- In the future, everything will be effortless! Computers will take care of every task. We'll just point to what we want done and click. We'll never need to leave the climate-controlled comfort of our homes! No nuisance, no wasted time, no annoying human interaction...
Hobbes: ... No life.
Calvin: Life is too inconvenient.
The interesting thing about “Calvin and Hobbes” is that it seems to be a very child-like media but the ideas posed are so developed that a child could never fully grasp the deeper meaning behind the cartoon façade. Comic strips are known as an entertainment medium… but entertainment and education are not necessarily distinct. Comics have grown up to be a graphic art for adults perhaps even more than children. While children may enjoy the jokes behind the cartoons and the cute

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