How the Internet Changes Organization

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How the Internet changes organization Introduction The reference to organizations as delimited entities that are confined to a given geographical location is fast changing to an unlimited entity that can be accessed and communicated with at any place and any time. The internet has gone a long way to ensure this is made possible as the current trend is not to show up at the physical office each day, as there are various people who work effectively away from the office setting and only report to the office on some few days of the week. The media is considered a central part in enabling communication and of late very significant information is conveyed through the internet. There is a changing trend in the media that is used as traditionally one would think of the radio, television, newspaper when the name media was mentioned. There is however a growing trend in the use of the internet to substitute or compliment the services that were traditionally provided by the above traditional media. Scope and limitation The essay is aimed at divulging the extent to which the internet has expanded to cover the organizational operations and daily activities of most organizations. The manner in which the internet has moved some major industries like the music industry is also discussed. The significance of having a website and/or participating in social websites is also discussed. Further, the use of the internet in making managerial decisions and collection of important
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