How the Media Influences the Public Perception of Science Essay

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Sometimes careless science publishing can weaken the public’s confidence in science and the government. The Media is enormously powerful and leading and will influence people’s opinions on everything. There are plenty of stories in the media that will change the public’s perception of science or even make them see a new perception. Sometimes these stories are just written to scare the public into believing a certain thing just so they can sell their stories.

Stories sometimes are true and sometimes they are false but it is up to the public to believe in what is right and what is wrong. In this day and age, where information is available at the touch of a mouse, it’s not surprising that the media is a particularly dominant and powerful
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The tabloid newspaper is the Sun and the broadsheet newspaper is the Times.

Firstly I will analyse the story written by the Sun, this tabloid covered the same story as the Times and therefore we can find out their intentions. The Sun had the following bold headline “Deadly strain confirmed”, I can clearly see from the start that they are trying to create a scare in the public and capture the reader’s attention very fast, this is because they don’t tell you what deadly strain they are talking about, if I were to see this in a newspaper lying around I would pick it up because it already got me worried and caught my attention. This has made me think, are they trying to inform the reader or just trying to sell their story? You only learn what the deadly strain is after you read paragraph 1 so this proves my point.
On the 3rd paragraph the Sun states the following “the swan had the strain which can be fatal to humans.” Instead of just using “the swan had the H5N1 strain” the Sun chooses to create more of an impact by using the word “fatal” and implying it to humans. This makes the beginning of the article to cause fear, evoke an element of alarm and perhaps imply that the readers should be fearful for their own health. The article also mentions experts rushing to the scene to
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