How the Movie a Few Good Men and the Play Antigone Found Honor in What

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It is not uncommon for the Civil Law to conflict with Honor. This means that the laws of

people, jobs, countries, and duties usually establish a problem with the glory, or respect of

people and their self-will, because there are different views of something on each side.

This statement is true because many aspects of life involve standing up for what you

believe in, while going against the laws of what you have to follow, even though the civil

people don't have any patience for any excuses. In the play Antigone by Sophicles, and the

movie A Few Good Men, by Aaron Sorkin, Antigone, Dawson and Downy stand up for

what they think is right at that moment, and go against the laws they were to follow.

The Greek Tragic Hero Antigone is
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"But I believe I was right sir. I did my job. And I will not

dishonor myself, my unit, or the corps, so I could go home in six months, sir (Harold

Dawson)." What Dawson means is that Private Downy and himself both have a code of

Unit Corps-God Country in which they are to follow and they will do so. Dawson and

Downy both show great pride in themselves by not accepting the six months of jail time

and trying to prove their code, and what they did was right, although they knew if they

were convicted the consequences would be that they will go to jail for life, and not be a

United States Marine any longer. As Dawson and Downy follow through on their order of

the Code Red, they break the civil law that says Code Red's are illegal. By the end,

Dawson and Downy were charged not-guilty on the counts of murder and conspiracy to

murder, but were found guilty as charged for conduct on becoming a United States

Marine. The theme to this movie is that although Dawson and Downy were put through

tons of controversy, and pressure of not taking the six months, they never gave up and

always stuck with what they thought was right, and that was following the order.

Although Anitgone, Dawson, and Downy stood up for what they believed in, they

were all punished in some way. Antigone
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