How the Original Beauty Company’s Motivational Practices and Reward Systems Are Based on Theories of Motivation

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Definition of motivation
Motivation is a word used to refer to the reason or reasons for engaging in a particular behaviour especially human behaviour. These reasons may include a drive, a need, a desire to achieve a goal, a state of being, or an ideal. In human beings, motivation involves both conscious and subconscious drives. Following the Original Beauty Company’s detail, I would pick up some methods of motivations which have been used
‘The factory employs 10 people who work a 40 hours week and are currently paid either £250 per week or £275 per week if they have been with the company for three years.’
Herzberg’s hygiene needs is salary and status such as the factory
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‘There are four office staffs that work a 35 hours week and are paid an average annual salary of £22,500. They have the most pleasant working conditions of all staff in the company. They realise that they have to ensure a continuing flow of order and work hard in obtaining and processing orders and solving customer problems. They are the public face of the company and feel rewarded by the constant position feedback they receive from suppliers and customers.’
The staffs are the most pleasant working condition, looking back Herzberg’s theory, he also mentions work condition. He stated that there are certain satisfiers and dissatisfies for employees at work. Intrinsic factors are related to job satisfaction, while extrinsic factors are associated with dissatisfaction. He devised his theory on the question: “What do people want from their jobs?” He asked people to describe in detail, such situations when they felt exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. From the responses that he received, he concluded that opposite of satisfaction is not dissatisfaction. Removing dissatisfying characteristics from a job does not necessarily make the job satisfying.
So, the office staffs are motivated and Herzberg said that Herzberg’s motivation theory involves what people actually do on the job and should be engineered into the job employees do in other to develop intrinsic motivation with the workforce such as feedback and recognition. Both these approaches such as

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