How the Perspective of Women's Sports Has Changed Overtime

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How Has The Perspective of Women Sports Change Over Time? Many years ago and until recently people did not really accept the fact that women could play sports as well as men, or even play at all. Over the years, people started to accept some women as athletes at some sports, but not all of them. Sports like rugby, football and handball were only played by men. Nowadays, however, you could easily find a women playing football and many other sports they never used to play better than any of the men you know. People changed their perspective of women being involved in sports when they would see how capable the women were of being good at a sport they play. Women were not allowed at the first olympics ever played but …show more content…

Mia Hamm, who is know as probably the best woman soccer play ever. And the best basketball player of all time, Chamique Holdsclaw. Women can achieve a lot of things if they put their minds to it and if there is a bit more encouragement towards women sports. The women's sport foundations was founded in 1974 with a purposed to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity.

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